Educational App/CD, Fiction, and Poetry are all inspired.

$ave, Depo$it, Inve$t is an educational app for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Children (ages 4 and up) learn how to save and become financially literate by thinking logically about the money they earn or receive from family, friends, and relatives. With an upbeat musical score, the app reminds its users how to set goals, deposit regularly, and how to think outside the bankbook. Purchase at www.iTunes.apple.com/us/app/$ave,depo$it,inve$t

THANK YOU, an E-book for iPhone and iPad

"In over twenty languages, this evocative book explores how people around the world say thank you. Accompanied by washes of color, the book conveys the universal importance of showing appreciation while providing a gentle taste of other cultures."---NEA Today Resources 

In the Zone of Changes, a fictional novel/E-book, presents Brenda William who must resolve her emotional anxieties by following her doctor's orders. She faces and questions her father's convictions. A perspicacious young woman, Brenda makes connections to life's obstacles by reading, listening, and putting into practice what she must do and risk in accomplishing her goals in life.

For literary instructors, Cleveland provides a section for 'Engaging Readers' that may be used for lesson planning around Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences. The activities suggested allow for differentiated instruction when used with the appropriate content standards for grade levels 9-12. As a culminating activity, students might enjoy converting the novel into a play or an American musical.

"Cleveland presents a powerful piece of writing that portrays the author's keen awareness of our sociocultural mores and political environment. Wrought with a light seasoning of biblical conscience, this work offers hope and deep insight into the perplexities of our times." ---Mary O. Burnette, Educational Consultant 

"Like a fine dessert...this story leaves a mellifluous aftertaste." ---Author of Kalilah, Sabrina L. Wright 

Water Colored Soul is a book of poetry divided into three sections (To Love Or Not To Love, In The Lens, and Notes On Conflicts). Cleveland's poetry is exhilarating with lines that throb with electrical currents because the poet behind the words makes mosaic choices for her themes to radiate with passion.

"Love, a butterfly, flutters in quickly. When it's time to part, love drags like a 300 pound cotton sack."



Available for book signings, presentations, poetry readings and guest appearances.